Singer, Songwriter and producer, Nour Harkati is a nomad of music. Wandering through a collection of sounds, his songs weave a complex and colorful tapestry. While he was born and raised in Tunisia, he has spent the greater part of the past years overseas performing in Paris, Berlin, and most recently New York City. Baptized in a family of musicians, Nour yearned to expand his voice beyond the customary traditions. To begin his adventure of exploration he opened his ears to as many sounds as he could. Through his travels he experiments with new textures and discovers the world that surrounds him. Nour sings of existence in society, doubt and mistrust, constant departures, the lust of love, and joy. Within these themes he looks deeper into his roots and gets closer to himself. His latest collaborative project, “Helwess” meaning Paranoia in Arabic, is a soulful and otherworldly alternative rock album.

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