“Singer, Songwriter and Sound producer, has spent the greater part of the past years overseas, in Paris, Berlin and most recently New York. He wears the freshness of someone who has been away for a long time and is happy to be home. The singer, songwriter has returned to Tunis to work on his upcoming album “Helwess” in collaboration with the collective “Aytma”. in this album, Nour talks about life experience, friendship, societies, travels and the musical adventure which has enabled him to try out different sounds and styles along the way. His latest collaborative project is “Helwess” witch means Paranoia in Arabic, a soulful and otherworldly alternative rock album.

“Helwess” is a first collaboration of the upcoming album with the collectif “Aytma” with the aim of producing an album written in Tunisian dialect, whose lyrics are poetic and profound expressing the era in which we live today. These texts also express the lack of trust we are experiencing today, and the human coldness that our people experience daily and the gradual dehumanization. There is nothing traditional in this album and that is purposely done, because our generation needs more cultural and artistic openness in general, but also a wider field of musical and sound vision.”


Written by Vanessa Szakal

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